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by AMeier
01 Dec 2020, 10:10
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Topic: Download Speed Uncached Application.
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Download Speed Uncached Application.

Our App 284 Jars 204 MB OWS 1.3 ||JRE exists||APP exists||LOGGING||Time|| |YES|YES|YES|1:41| |NO|NO|NO|2:00| |YES|NO|NO|1:10| |YES|YES|NO|0:31| OWS 3.0 Alpha ||JRE exists||APP exists||LOGGING||Time|| |YES|NO|NO|0:55| |YES|YES|NO|0:28| jws 261 ||JRE exists||APP exists||LOGGING||Time|| |YES|NO|NO|0:24...
by AMeier
12 Nov 2020, 10:36
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Topic: [SOLVED] Define JVM DownloadServer at Installationtime
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[SOLVED] Define JVM DownloadServer at Installationtime

we want to use Webstart with an own JVM-Downloadserver.
Unfortunately we have to do 100 manual Installations.

Now the Question:
It is possible to set JVM-Downloadserver together with the Install of OWS.