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by chrismaster
26 Jan 2021, 07:57
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Topic: Problem with ATEN Java iKVM Viewer
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Problem with ATEN Java iKVM Viewer

Hi, I get the warning window to remember an application but the Yes and No buttons wont work. If i click yes or no nothing happens. The window wont freeze, I only can close the window with the top right X of the window. I think this is more an openwebstart problem, than a problem of the jar. Thx for...
by chrismaster
27 Oct 2020, 17:26
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Topic: build jnlp with jdk 15
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build jnlp with jdk 15

Is there a howto to build java 15 programs with jdk15 and gradle/ant or maven for jnlp/webstart? (gradle preferred)
With platform specific stuff for javafx would be nice :-)
Openwebstart does a great job for my jdk8 stuff.