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by harryb
09 Jun 2020, 09:16
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Topic: jnlp file does not display
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jnlp file does not display

I have a jnlp file that operates perfectly well when opened with the Jave javaws executable but it will not open with the OWS javaws executable. I see the flash pages for Openwebstart and Icedtea and then everything just flashes and disappears into the electronic black hole. Can anybody advise on wh...
by harryb
05 May 2020, 09:01
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Topic: Application does not work
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Application does not work

Hi there, I have an application that works just fine when it is started with Java Web Launcher but does nothing when I try to open the jnlp file with OpenWebStart. All I see is the OWS flash page and that is it. Is there something else that I have to do? I had the impression that it would be Plug-an...