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MSI Installer

Posted: 25 Sep 2020, 09:28
by RedDevil99

We would like to build a custom version of OWS from the Open Source codebase. Is it possible to build the MSI installer from the source code?

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Re: MSI Installer

Posted: 25 Sep 2020, 10:21
by Stephan Classen
We use install4j to build the installer and launcher for the java application.
Because of license issues we cannot make this part open at the moment.

You can use the Java from the github repository and build everything using maven.
The main class is "PhaseTwoWebStartLauncher".
Maybe you need to remove some dependencies to install4j.

You can also check our premium support options. We offer customized installers and versions for customers with this support package.

Re: MSI Installer

Posted: 27 Sep 2020, 13:11
by RedDevil99
Thanks for the reply Stephan. I'm in touch with Stephan Huber regarding support options