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Open Web Start launched when running ITW

Posted: 04 Nov 2020, 21:30
by demonSlayer
My system has both ice tea web and Open Web Start , I am launching my application form command line by specifying path for ITW (its a JNLP file) but it launches Open Web start by default even when its configured for jnlpx files.
Even when running ITW manually it launches OWS

Can you suggest a way to use both simultaneously.


Re: Open Web Start launched when running ITW

Posted: 06 Nov 2020, 11:34
by Janak Mulani
What is your Operating System?

You say that you are starting your jnlp with ITW from commanline. Are you starting as follows?

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javaws.bat somejnlpfile.jnlp
This should start ITW and not OWS.

You say that you have registered .jnlpx with OWS. This is effective when starting a jnlp file with dbl-click or starting it after download in browser. This registration does not affect starting from commandline.