JVM could not be started error.

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Janak Mulani
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JVM could not be started error.

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We regularly get this error when running applications that require "Java".
OWS throws up the dialog in the attachment.
JVMStartError.PNG (30.36 KiB) Viewed 661 times
This could be because OWS is started with JVM max heap size -Xmx which is exceeding the size of available memory on your machine.

You should also check if in your javaws-vmoptions file (in OWS install Dir) there is a parameter -Xmx which has value larger than your machine’s available memory (RAM).

One option is to make sure your machine has enough RAM or make sure that no other apps are running when you start this app.

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Re: JVM could not be started error.

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Dear Karakun Support,
I have now created an account for our IT department on youre board. Unfortunately, as you requested, I don't have any LOG files at hand at the moment, the logging was apparently disabled on our server system, which I have now enabled. If the error occurs again, I can send you LOG files. Please give me some time, the error happens probably some times per week.


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