jnlp file does not display

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jnlp file does not display

Post by harryb »

I have a jnlp file that operates perfectly well when opened with the Jave javaws executable but it will not open with the OWS javaws executable. I see the flash pages for Openwebstart and Icedtea and then everything just flashes and disappears into the electronic black hole.
Can anybody advise on what might be the problem or what further information I would have to provide and how to find such information.

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Re: jnlp file does not display

Post by Th3WalkingDad »

Hi harryb,

You could go in OWS settings, tick debug logging and write down log folder (eg: C:\Users\myuser\.config\icedtea-web\log ).

Then launch your jnlp and have a look (or provide) latest itw-javantx* and itw-clienta* files created in above log folder.

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