JAX-WS and openJDK 11

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JAX-WS and openJDK 11

Post by plamas »

We are trying to run an application witch consumes some SOAP JAX-WS. We add these libraries to the resources:




The application downloads all jar correctly and run correctly, but when tries to consume the WS, we are getting

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException, cause: "Could not initialize class com.sun.xml.ws.api.SOAPVersion"

Has anyone tried to run a JAX-WS application? What any other lib should I need to add?

Janak Mulani
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Re: JAX-WS and openJDK 11

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with which version of JRE are you trying to run your Jnlp application? I have no experience or running JAX-WS app with OWS. However, if the specified jre version > 1.8 you might have to add some module vm args.

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