Two installations of OWS after upgrade

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Two installations of OWS after upgrade

Post by Almaren70 »

I just wanted to mention an issue which I noticed with the recent upgrade from 1.1.8 to 1.2.1.

I had automatic updating turned on in my OWS settings, so I was prompted to update.

One of the questions that the updater asked was “Install for current user or all users ?”

I selected “current user” (for no particular reason). However I did not realise that previously I had selected “all users” when installing 1.1.8 (again for no particular reason).

However the result is that I now have 2 installations of OpenWebstart, i.e.
• OpenWebStart 1.1.8 in C:\Program Files\OpenWebStart
• OpenWebStart 1.2.1 in C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Programs\OpenWebStart

What is more strange to me is that I now have 2 entries in the Windows Start Menu – one for 1.1.8 and one for 1.2.1.

Is this expected behaviour or a bug ?

Janak Mulani
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Re: Two installations of OWS after upgrade

Post by Janak Mulani »

Thanks for posting on the forum.

While updating you chose "current user" and OWS 1.2.1 got installed in a different directory as compared to your OWS 1.1.8 installation directory. Hence there are two installation of OWS on your machine resulting in two StartMenu shortcuts. This is not a bug.

If you wish .you can uninstall OWS 1.2.1 and update 1.1.8 for "all users" in the same directory.

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