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Hi, we should remove JAVA from the enviroment. What do we need to keep for OWS to work?

- Java(TM) SE Runtime
- J2SE Runtime Environment
- J2SE Development Kit
- Java(TM) SE Development Kit
- Java 6 Update
- Java(TM) 6 Update"
- JDK 7
- Java 7 Update
- JDK 8
- Java 8 Update
- Java SE Development Kit
- Java Runtime 5

Stephan Classen
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Re: Remove JAVA

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OWS does not need any pre installed java.
Thus you should be able to remove all javas from your machine and still use OWS

Andreas Ehret
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Re: Remove JAVA

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when you clean all previously installed Java runtimes, OWS itself (and OWS Settings) is still running (as it comes with its own internal JVM). But whenever you want to launch a JNLP application via OWS, you need to install at least one JVM that meets the needs of your JNLP application. Otherwise OWS does tell you that it does not find a suitable JVM to launch your app. The internal JVM is not visible resp. cannot used to launch the JNLP app. Use the OWS Seetings JVM Manager to choose and install a suitable JVM.

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