Persistent file locations

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Persistent file locations

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I have a slightly strange problem, we have a custom applicaton that uses webstart, after download the applicaton dislays a login prompt, once a user has logged in it dismisses this window and draws tha main application window. However at random it will stop drawing the applicaion window after login, the application is running, no error appears in the log, the window is simply not drawn. That is a developer issue, it seems to impact all JVMs. My web start issue is once this starts happening, it always happens, I've confimed the issue is user specific, another user can log in to the same computer and use the application with out issue.
I assume there is a perisitant file/setting that is triggering this behavior, but I have deleted the .cache, .config and used disc cleanup to remove all tempoary files but it makes no difference.
Can anyone suggest a location in the user profile to look for the file that triggers this problem? My current solution of creating the user a whole new profile is time consuming and not sustanable.



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Re: Persistent file locations

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There is no other location then the ones you mention where OWS is creating files.
So it must be a file created by your application.

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