Spring Boot and Openwebstart

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Spring Boot and Openwebstart

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We would like to use Spring Boot together with Openwebstart, but a combination does not seem to be possible:
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/522 ... start-jnlp
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/332 ... a-webstart

Is there any way to combine Spring Boot applications with Openwebstart?

Janak Mulani
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Re: Spring Boot and Openwebstart

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OWS is used to run the Java application that is specified in the Jnlp file. All the resources that are required by the application must be specified in the Jnlp file so that OWS can fetch them and start the application.

If your application is a Spring boot application then you must specify all the required resources like Spring boot jars and config files etc in the Jnlp file.

However, OWS is normally used to deploy and run client side of apps on a desktop. My understanding is that Spring Boot forms the server side of an application and would normally run on a server.

We have not tried running a Spring Boot app with OWS. As the second link above says there could be classloading issues. You can create a small sample app and see how it goes.

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