itw-settings.exe wont open

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itw-settings.exe wont open

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im having trouble with the latest Update of OWS. After Upgrading to Version 1.2.1 the itw.settings application will not open as long as the user does not have Administrator priviliges.

Things i did do already:

- Complete Removal of the Program and Check if there is an installaton left under any of the Users wich would use that Computer
- Reboot
- New installation using the account of domain\administrator

itw-settings will open as Administrator, as soon as the user logs in to change the Stuff wich is needed to start up applications, it will just show the initial loading screen and then nothing happens.

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Janak Mulani
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Re: itw-settings.exe wont open

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Hi Christian,

We will try to reproduce the issue, investigate and come back to you.

Can you send us the log file?

Thanks for reporting

- Janak

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