Reduce logging output, specifically NO_PROXY.

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Reduce logging output, specifically NO_PROXY.

Post by thezboe »

I have tried disabling the logging options in the itw-settings panel, but my logs are still filled with DEBUG level prints from OWS itself. This includes a print like the following for every http request made by the client application:

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I do want the OWS terminal screen to show up so the user (and developers) can see any warnings or issues that may come up.
Is there any way to turn these prints off, or reduce them? The SNR of the logs is pretty low with this kind of stuff going on all the time.

Stephan Classen
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Re: Reduce logging output, specifically NO_PROXY.

Post by Stephan Classen »

Thank you for your request.
We will take this into consideration when we do the next release planning.

If you are in need for this feature you can also consider sponsoring the development.

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