jnlp File with a lot of Jar's

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jnlp File with a lot of Jar's

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I have a Project with ~100 Dependency Jar's.
What would be the best way of structuring the jnlp File? Should I create one jnlp File with all the jars or should I create an extension jnlp with all jars?

Thanks in advance.

Stephan Classen
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Re: jnlp File with a lot of Jar's

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Having too many extensions can cause problems, especially if some of these extensions only contain other extensions and no resources (e.g. jar files).
So from a risk reducing point of view go with a single JNLP.
If this on the other hand ends up in an unmanageable JNLP then create a few extensions.
Also do not try to create lazy download parts across multiple JNLP files.

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