SSL warning appearing multiple times

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SSL warning appearing multiple times

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Hi! I am running into this issue with SSL warning dialog. When downloading the application, the SSL warning appears multiple times (like 5-10 times) even if I check the "Always trust content from this publisher" option. And the downloading stalls if I don't click the 'Yes" button multiple times. This error goes away if the certificate is added to the OWS but I was just wondering what is the reason for this behavior?

OWS version = 1.5.2
OWS SSL error.PNG (15.37 KiB) Viewed 6978 times

Stephan Classen
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Re: SSL warning appearing multiple times

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In theory activating the checkbox should add the certificate to OWS and by that the dialog will not appear again.
It is possible that the dialog is spawned by multiple threads within a few milliseconds and thus it appears that the checkbox does not work because all the dialogs will pop up even if the certificate has already been added.
But when running the application the next time the dialogs should not be shown

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