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On one particular PC, upon first execution of OpenWebStart\javaws,exe, I'm not getting prompted to download a JVM, like other installations.
Instead, it sees the current Oracle java installation and wants to use it, and of course it errs. I've set the JVM Settings to "Ask If Newer Version should be downloaded" but it seems to ignore this. Any thoughts? Also, what is the installation path for the Eclipse Adoptum JVMs?
Thanks in advance.

Andreas Ehret
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You need to give more details on the settings of this particular machine as JVM downloading behavior in OWS depends on various other aspects, such as your other JVM Manager settings (jnlp precedence settings, vendor restrictions, etc.) and if you have activated/deactivated some JVMs in your JVM Manager. So please give us details on your specific settings in OWS settings, log files are also always helpful.

When a JVM is downloaded and managed by the JVM Manager, the artifacts end up in the <user>.cache/icedtea-web/jvm-cache directory. But you shouldn't care as OWS manages this for you.

To add a specific JVM to the JVM Manager you can also load it locally:
https://openwebstart.com/docs/OWSGuide. ... _local_jvm

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