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Unable to run JNPL file after installation

Posted: 01 Sep 2022, 11:57
by kokwei
I'm new to java webstart.

I'm trying to run Oracle E-Business Suite on my ubuntu laptop.
- I've installed OpenWebStart.
- I use 1.8.0_342 Private Buila in the JVM Manager (I understand 1.8 is the highest version I should use)
- I get a prompt how to open the frmservlet.jnlp file that is to be downloaded from the oracle server.
- I choose "open with OpenWebStart Settings".
- I see the OpenWebStart screen appear momentarily.
- then nothing happens.

I managed to set up logging from OpenWebStart
- attached is the log file I get

What did I miss ?
Thank you very much !

Re: Unable to run JNPL file after installation

Posted: 23 Jan 2024, 08:02
by Janak Mulani
OpenWebStart Settings executable itw-settings is for configuring OpenWebStart. You should be running your jnlp file with the OpenWebStart executable javaws from the OWS installation directory