JNLP IBM IMM and Java 21

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JNLP IBM IMM and Java 21

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OWS 1.9 and Java 21 seem to break remote consoles on IBM and Fuji servers. Can you please consider attached stage log files. Is it possible to downgrade to Java 17 ? or may be older..

Cache and JVM list is:
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Re: JNLP IBM IMM and Java 21

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Your application is started by OWS using Java 21.

In stage2 log there is an exception while running your jnlp application:

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java.lang.IllegalAccessError: superclass access check failed: class com.avocent.app.c.a.a (in unnamed module @0x3a46bb1c) cannot access class com.apple.eawt.Application (in module java.desktop) because module java.desktop does not export com.apple.eawt to unnamed module @0x3a46bb1c
This means that the class com.apple.eawt.Application is no longer available on the class path of the application.

Have you tried running your application from java commandline with Java 21 with all jars on classpath and the necessary vm args?

> <j2se version="1.6+ 1.5+ " />
You have specified 1.6+ in your jnlp.

You have a choice of specifying with which JVM your application will start by using the JVM Manager in itw-settings https://openwebstart.com/docs/OWSGuide. ... management. You can choose not to download latest JVM but use the locally installed JVM with which your app is working.

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