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We are upgrading a legacy system to JDK17 from JDK 8. We have few errors with a third-party library. We have to add --add-exports java.desktop/ to JVM args.
We have added deployment.jvm.arguments.whitelist=--add-exports java.desktop/ to
But we still see the following warning in the console
Ignoring java-vm-args due to illegal Property java.desktop/
Does anyone use deployment.jvm.arguments.whitelist successfully?

Janak Mulani
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Re: deployment.jvm.arguments.whitelist

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In the jnlp file you should specify:

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<java version="17"	java-vm-args="   --add-exports=java.desktop/ .. "
There should be '=' after --add-exports. There is no need of a whitelist entry for this arg.

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